Liner Tanks: Pre fabricated

Circular Liner Tanks for Water Storage

Southern Cross circular "Liner" tanks are of two types - the Homestead Liner Tanks and the Jumbo Liner Tanks. The Homestead liner type ranges in capacity from 9,000 litres (9kl) to 146,000 Litres (146kl) (2000 to 32,000 gallons) and is generally used for domestic, stock-watering, small irrigation and temporary water supply applications.

The heavier duty Jumbo liner tanks range from 9kl to 3000kl (2000 to 660,000 gallons) and are suitable for a wide range of water storage applications such as- potable water tank

Air Conditioning
Potable Water Supplies
Mining Applications
Community Water Supplies
Elevated Potable Supplies
Fire Protection

Liner tanks are a cost effective means to store you water. As liner tanks are prefabricated they are very easy to transport and install. Our tank liners, unlike competitors are predominantly made of a reinforced fabric with a woven centre layer for strength and durability. Meaning your liner tank is built to last, we offer a 10year manufactures warranty on the tank liner.

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600kl Liner Tank

2 x 600kl Southern Cross "Liner" Water Tanks for potable water supply installed at Beaudesert, Queensland.

Photos show completed tank. spider

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